We think kids should learn AND have fun at the same time.  Many art projects have an educational slant that reinforces and even, in some cases, introduces children to aspects of STEM.  Of course, we LOVE ART so you know that's what we're here to talk about. 

Some reasons to pull out the markers, crayons and paint -

Short and long term benefits:

  • Art promotes abstract thinking
  • Art helps develop problem solving skills
  • Art helps develop individuality
  • Art encourages inventiveness
  • Art helps children build confidence in their abilities

Long term benefits:

  • Creativity is the number one skill sought after by Fortune 500 business leaders according to a 2010 IBM survey

So why Visual Art and Why should you invest in visual art enrichment? 

Visual arts teaches us to think outside the box and to create a new one, to let our hair down, that sometimes there is no right or wrong answer or way; to trust your instincts, to improvise, to visualize the results we want to achieve, to formulate a plan to achieve those results, and to just do it; to interpret when necessary, and to mimic when appropriate, to view the world in new ways; that the world is beautiful even if our current circumstance isn’t; and it teaches us a hobby so when we’re alone we aren’t bored.  Visual art encourages abstract thinking, self development and awareness, and encourages exploration of the world.

And that's just the beginning!

We couldn't possibly list all the benefits of an art education but research has proven art education helps improve grades in other school subjects.  And for the little ones, development of fine motor skills, self-awareness and awareness of the world around them, and decision making skills are some of the perks of art exploration.

These are skills needed in life and in future work endeavors. Visual art touches everyone’s life everyday just like reading, writing and math therefore, it is just as worthy of being learned and with as much zeal.